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DSCN2044.jpgDcn. Bill O'Donnell. Married for 34 years, father of two, grandfather of five. Ordained to the diaconate in 2001 in the Archdiocese of Omaha and I am currently serving the people of God in the Diocese of Grand Island.

I am all about the use of the new media for spreading the Good News. Deaconbill.com has been around for over 12 years now, and I have had a  web presence of one kind or another for at least 15 years (not counting my old ftp sites) under the now defunct domain of e-odonnell.com, which was mostly devoted to astronomy.  The astronomy site was revived, but gets little attention. Deaconbill.com is still a good resource for materials, but my main focus has been maintaining The Deacon Preacher over the last 2 years. DeaconCast is the first time I have used audio files in a blog format. I welcome the opportunity that this format offers. I hope you will subscribe, and if you like what you experience, tell your friends. Thanks - Dcn. Bill