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Readings can be found here I am not preaching the Scrutinies.


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The Readings can be found here.

OK, here's the set-up. Last Tuesday night we spent some time talking about those occasions when we may find ourselves absolutely void of ideas, or in a time pinch. We admitted to drawing (sometimes pretty heavily) from internet or canned homilies. Fr. Richard made a point that we need to use it as an outline, get the general sense and then make it our own.

I was slated to preach this weekend, then I realized that it was the First Scrutiny. We have one person entering the Church from parish A, one from C and none from B. Of course, I have no idea which Mass these people will be at, though it is unlikely that they will be at parish B.

Fr. Jose went to Omaha for a check-up on Thursday and they decided to keep him a few days to run some tests. (Please pray for him as of today they still don't know the severity of the problem they discovered)

Long story short one substitute priest for A, one substitute priest for B and SCAP for C.

Are you still with me? OK..... so I decided to preach one homily for all three parishes and wanted to carry the theme of the scrutinies into the regular readings.

This is where I ran across an excellent source here: http://www.theemmausseries.com/index.html (that I wanted to share with everyone) with a particularly promising exegesis/homily for this week here: http://www.theemmausseries.com/blent03.html The result is attached.

Talk about a dose of real-world experience that directly relates to our most recent topic. Please let me know what you think. ... - Bill


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I had made mention a few  episodes back that I would post the entire song I use for the DeaconCast.Net theme. I chose the theme based on a number of factors.

First of all, it is pod-cast-safe  or Podsafe*.  It is a shame that has to be a consideration.

The second was the upbeat nature of the music.  It's fun and has a tempo that works well for the show. It's clean and refreshing, (like a new piece of gum). It is not to everyone's taste, I'm sure.

Third, and surprizingly, last determining factor was its message. Granted, it is a good and positive message that fits the general upbeat nature of the show. But a person could find such music anywhere.

Please know that theology never entered into the choice. While the Catholic Church has much music that can teach and edify and even be theological in nature, I don't take pop Christian music as being, necessarily, correct in its understanding of Jesus Christ, His nature or the teaching of His Bride, the Church.

DJ Digital Josh is a very talented young man and I thank him for makiing his music available for use.  He is a man who is trying, through his art, to bring the good news of Jesus to everyone who will listen.

If you like what you hear, let him know, if not, let me know and remember, God IS Good!

*Podsafe is a term created in the podcasting community to refer to any work which, through its licensing, specifically allows the use of the work in podcasting, regardless of restrictions the same work might have in other realms. For example, a song may be legal to use in podcasts, but may need to be purchased or have royalties paid for over-the-air radio use, television use, and possibly even personal use.


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